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NOTE: DM us to make a monthly plan according to your volume

You Have Options

Basic , Advance or Express Edit

Basic Edits allows your preset to be applied and provides you with an on brand consistent look with light cropping and straigtening while utilizing all the Basic module adjustment of Lightroom.

Advanced Editing unleashes more features of Lightroom by combining the basic service plus the localized tools only on the images that need it. We apply the Advanced Editing features on average to 25% of your catalog (with a max of 30%) – this allows us to keep our prices for Advanced Editing low and our turnaround time fast!

The Express Edit is great for our commercial high volume photographers that need a clean and consistent look with neutral white balance and pop.

Basic Edit
$ 0.15

Per Image

Best choice if you need simple color correction, some global adjustments and a little light cropping.

  • Temperature & Tint
  • Exposure & Contrast
  • Highlights & Whites
  • Shadows & Blacks
  • Saturation & Vibrance
  • Light Cropping & Straightening
Advance Edit
$ 0.20

Per Image

Best Choice if you need all the Basic features plus that extra pop and local adjustment where required.

  • All Basic Edit features plus….
  • Heavy Artistic Cropping
  • Localized Adjustment
  • Brush Tools & Spot Removal
  • Radial Filters
  • HSL
  • Detail Panel & Sharpening
Express Edit

Per Image

Best choice for high volume event photographs who need our signature basic edit to get the job done fast.

  • Neutral White Balance
  • Clean and Consistent Look
  • Fast Turnaround Time

Express Edit is clean,simple and gets your job done quickly so you can get it back to your clients as soon as possible. With a neutral white balance and our signature basic edit, the Express edit will give you clean, consistent images every time.

NOTE: DM us to make a monthly plan according to your volume